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6nPay Token Sale

6nPay is disrupting the trillion dollar payment transaction industry. We are bringing the most significant change to the payment system since the invention of the internet itself by replacing the broken and antiquated credit and debit card system and their control on the payment industry.

6nPay Token SaleMarketing Partner Program

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6nPay is giving away up to $1.6 BILLION worth of tokens for those who join our Marketing Partners program. All you have to do is help us spread the word about the new 6nPay Payment System via social media by sharing, posting, writing, creating videos and more. Everyone who participates receives tokens!

Introducing 6nPay

The arrival of a wholly new payment ecosystem is being received as an amazing and hard-fought victory throughout the business world. No one is happy with the current credit card-based system, which is prone to card theft, fraud and high transaction fees. In fact, it is difficult to say who wants a new payment system more — consumers or business owners.

6nPay is a wholly new payment ecosystem with the disruptive potential to replace the entire plastic card-based payment system used in America for over a century.

The 6nPay AXS Token

The 6nPay Access (AXS) Token is a decentralized utility token that embodies an ERC20 smart contract on the Ethereum protocol and blockchain. The token is analogous to a software license key which allows access to the software.

Real World Value

Access to the 6nPay POS costs businesses $40 per month per station or user, payable only in 6nPay Access (AXS) tokens. This simple fact conveys real and immediate value for the tokens at onset.

Market Analysis

The market size for the 6nPay system includes 17,000,000 U.S. businesses. Extrapolating from the market size, the potential demand is over 60,000,000 tokens per month, or more than 720mm tokens/year.

Credit Cards

To  streamline adoption, 6nPay will allow business owners and merchants to continue to accept credit and debit cards as they always have, but with the lowest possible transaction fees in the industry.

The Problem

The credit and debit card industry is antiquated and plagued by rampant fraud and ID theft. This card system costs consumers and businesses BILLIONS of dollars per WEEK. In order to keep the hegemony, many ideas have been tested over the decades to fix the payment system, but these merely amount to leaky patches.

What the world truly needs an ENTIRELY NEW PAYMENT SYSTEM free from the banks, credit card companies and expensive middlemen.

Good-Bye Credit Cards.
See Ya Later Debit Cards.

For decades, business owners have been grudgingly forced to accept cards. 6nPay allows consumers to shop and make purchases with no physical card. Moreover, in the 6nPay system there is no further need for the credit card companies and banks in the payment system.

Pilot Program

While in stealth mode, 6nPay conducted a limited pilot and proof-of-concept program with actual merchants. At the end of the pilot, merchants were so happy with the 6nPay services and savings, 100% of of them asked to keep this service for their permanent payment processing.

The 6nPay Access Utility Token Event

Ready to Learn More about 6nPay and the AXS Token Sale?

Not all Tokens Are Created Equal

What Makes 6nPay AXS Tokens Special Versus Other Tokens?

There are several reasons that the 6nPay AXS Token is generating a high level of interest. Unlike many ICOs, the 6nPay AXS Token has real world, redeemable value from Day One. And because of the unique ecosystem in which the tokens are bought, sold and used, 6nPay Tokens are not exposed to price swings due to speculation. The 6nPay Access Token is one-of-a-kind and unlike any other utility token available today.


Unlike cryptocurrencies, the 6nPay token has a pre-set range of operational value. And while demand can influence value, 6nPay is shielded from speculation and swings in value.



6nPay can be freely bought, sold and exchanged via the 6nPay token exchange on 6nPay.com. The exchange allows token holders to buy and sell tokens between members with zero commissions.

Used Everywhere

The 6nPay Access Token will be used by millions of businesses and merchants across the country to access the 6nPay platform and low cost payment processing. There are over 17 million businesses in the U.S. who currently need our peerless, incomparable, services. Businesses will need at least one new token every month for each and every terminal they use.

Who Needs to Buy and/or Use Our Tokens?

Business owners and merchants who need a great POS, invoicing and inventory control system.

All businesses which accept credit card payments and are tired of paying high processing fees.

Those selling hardware, software or services to businesses and wish to resell tokens to customers.

Current merchant services agents who don’t want to lose their portfolio of businesses.

POS software companies and app developers wishing to receive affiliate fees for their customers.

Anyone looking to buy tokens at a steep discount and sell them for more.

All merchant services providers who are servicing their customers with the current credit card system and do not want to lose their income.

6nPay Access Token Sale

    3,000,000 reserved tokens
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Current Token Discount

After next 1,538,002 tokens are reserved:

Current token value includes bonuses

After 20,487,986 more tokens are reserved, token value will be:

Discount: 90%
Discounted price: $1


Discount: 80%
Discounted price: $2

$10 $20 $40 $80

$10 $20 $40 $80

Token Sale Discount Model

Different people purchase tokens for different reasons. But regardless of whether you’re purchasing for your own use or future resale, the earlier you purchase 6nPay Tokens, the larger the discount you will receive. Unlike most ICOs and token sales, we do not base our discount structure on time, but rather by the number of tokens reserved. Each discount range has a limited number of tokens available at that price. Once tokens are sold out at one level, the token price moves to the next level, and so forth.

Want FREE Tokens? Join Us!

6nPay is giving away up to $1.6 BILLION worth of tokens for those who join our Marketing Partners program. All you have to do is help us spread the word about the new 6nPay Payment System via social media by sharing, posting, writing, creating videos and more. Everyone who participates receives tokens!

Transparency & Fairness

As evidence of 6nPay’s commitment to honesty, transparency and fairness
NOT ONE TOKEN is held in reserve for employees, founders and investors.

The 6nPay Access Token is a utility.
Securities law obligates a strict distinction between security and utility token.

Token Distribution

Tokens that are kept by founders, workers, and investors for future sale are likely to be securities (similar to stock options). Founders do this with stocks and securities, never with products (utilities). Therefore, ZERO 6nPay Tokens will be held in reserve by the founders, early investors, management or employees of 6nPay LLC or 6nPay Token Company. 100% of the 6nPay Tokens will be distributed between public Token Sale (~94%, 340mm) and Marketing Partners (~6%, 20mm).


Tokens that are required to fund future development plans in order to create token value, clearly indicates the token is a security. Since the 6nPay Access Token is a utility (used to access an existing product) and not a security, there is not a traditional roadmap outlining future development plans. 6nPay is an existing product with existing customers. If you are interested in learning more about the company’s direction, you may visit 6npay.com.

Funds Allocation

Tokens whose value is based on future development (as opposed to an existing company and product), may be counted as an investment instead of a purchase and clearly indicates the token is a security (with raised money from investors). Because the 6nPay Access Token is a utility whose value is NOT based on future funds usage, therefore, there is no publicly available fund allocation.

The 6nPay Access Token sale is a marketing campaign and publicity strategy. Tokens will be either sold or given away during the campaign. The funds received from the sale of the token product (as a platform software key), will be use to continue supporting the existing platform, for the marketing costs and promoting the company’s and achieving founder’s goals.

The 6nPay Executive Team

Avi Weinberg

Avi Weinberg

Founder & CEO

Avi Weinberg is leading the development of a new, innovative and modern monetary financial ecosystem, which bridges our current financial system with emerging innovations and technologies. Starting in January 2019, his vision will change the daily life of every U.S. consumer & merchant.  Trusted innovation executive, an industry leader and proven serial entrepreneur with disruptive technology, FinTech, and Payments companies in the US and abroad. Avi is leading advances in blockchain, decentralization, and crypto economics within the monetary system.

Anthony Mazza

Anthony Mazza


Anthony Mazza is the company’s Chief Operations Officer (COO). He is a New York-licensed attorney with significant CXO experience, particularly in operations and technology. Mazza is the former COO of a technology company specializing in network defense products, after five years leading the company through its IPO on the ASX. Previously, Mazza served as a Senior Managing Director for a company engaged in Operations and Compliance Consulting providing risk analysis related to credit, cyber and litigation issues. Mazza is an Adjunct Professor in cybersecurity, technology and law. He is also a highly-regarded tech consultant for international law enforcements agencies and Fortune 500 companies

Kenneth Douglas

Kenneth Douglas


Kenny has over three decades of successful Business, Corporate and Partnership Development within Financial Institutions, Acquiring Banks/Processors, Card Networks, FinTech/PayFac, and Blockchain organizations.  He also speaks regularly as an Industry Leader for KeyBanc Capital Markets MOSAIC group as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) for the payment industry, FinTech/PayFac, emerging/alternative payments, mobile payments, and technology.

Want to Keep Up with 6nPay? Reach Out!

Like a financial explosion, the 6nPay revolution will spread across the country and around the world in the blink of an eye. If you’re as excited as we are, we want you to join our team! We are currently seeking social media influencers, affiliate partners, marketing pros, corporate advisers and brand ambassadors.