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The 6nPay Marketing Partner Program

Program Details

The Most Important Question: How Much Can I Earn?

All Marketing Partners will earn at least $1,000.
High achieving Marketing Partners can earn over $1,000,000!

The race starts now!


We have reserved two large clusters of 6nPay tokens expressly for our marketing partners. The token clusters each contain 10 million 6nPay tokens. With a minimum real value of $10 a token, $100,000,000 in tokens are available in each cluster. Based on the outcome of the marketing campaign (when additional bonuses kick in) the value of the reserved tokens may increase up to $800,000,000 per cluster. This value increase depends on the success of YOUR efforts.


Once token buyers have reserved 3 Million tokens (thereby meeting the minimum cap), reward tokens of equal quantity (in a 1-to-1 ratio) will be allocated to the marketing partners program, up to 10 million AXS tokens. At the end of sale, tokens will be distributed among all Marketing Partner participants based on the total number of points each individual collects. The more points you earn, the more tokens you will receive.


When 50% of the available tokens are reserved (180M) during this Token Sale marketing campaign, the top 50 point collectors will each receive One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) value in tokens. This bonus is in addition to their share of the Cluster #1 tokens. Even better, each additional full percent of tokens reserved during the Token Sale will add another Marketing Partner to this $1,000,000 bonus. (For example, if 51% of tokens are reserved, the top 51 Marketing Partners will get $1M value in tokens. When 52% are reserved, the top 52 point collectors will receive the bonus, and so forth.)

The $1 million bonus will be calculated based on the token value set at the end of the sale (up to $40 per token). In case Bonus #2 (Table 3) will be applied, it will affect those tokens too and will increase their value by 50%-100% ($60-$80 per token).

Next question: What am I supposed to do?

Our Marketing Partners will help spread the word about 6nPay’s payment ecosystem by sharing items on social media, creating original content, writing blog posts and any else which helps raise awareness.


Share Content

You’ll earn points for simply sharing the content we provide (articles, videos, etc) on your various social media accounts, blogs, and websites. You can also place 6nPay banners on your blog or website. (Partners receive points based on unique clicks on each article or banner.)


Create Content

Partners earn significantly more points for creating original content, such as writing your own articles and blog posts or creating funny and clever videos. Points vary (e.g. article vs video). You will also receive points for each unique click your content generates. For great content, we may also post your content on our site to be shared by others, so you can earn even more click points. 


Advise 6nPay

For people in related industries, there are points to be earned for helping advise 6nPay. We are seeking people knowledgeable in payments, online security, cryptocurrency, marketing, PR, banking, legal and other related fields. Advisors are also Marketing Partners, but must apply and be approved by 6nPay.


Community Manager

Create and manage your own 6nPay online community (Telegram, Facebook group, YouTube channel, WhatsApp group, etc). Once your channel is approved by us, you will be receive 1-point per day per member of your community, in addition to PPC for all articles and videos posted in your community channel. (We will continue monitoring your channel for continued activity. Dormant communities will stop receiving points.) 


Create Your Own Marketing Program

You’re excited. We’re excited! And we are ready to pay you points for almost any activity that will bring more positive awareness to 6nPay. Similarly, we are also giving points for those who create more demand for the tokens. Got an great idea? Tell us what you can do for us, how it will be tracked, and we will tell you the amount of points you will get. 

Got an idea? Tell us about it!

The Door-to-Door Campaign: Join the 6nPay Street Team

Visit your local merchants in person, including small businesses, shops, taxi drivers, and anyone else who accepts credit cards for payments. You don’t have to sell or convince them to join. Once they see the brochure, they will be happy to pre-register for 6nPay. If they choose to pre-register (with no obligation) and they post our window decal – we will pay you 100 points each! (*U.S. residents and businesses only.)


Drop off Brochure

Give your local merchants a copy of our brochure. This is the most important part of marketing 6nPay!


Pre-Register the Merchant

Simply have the merchant take a quick photo of his business card with his phone number. Send the photo via text or WhatsApp to (718) 946-5026. Alternately, you can assist the merchant as they complete the New Merchant Account form on 6nPay.com.



6nPay Decal

Place a “6nPay Coming Soon” decal on the front door or window, then take a quick photo with your phone and text or WhatsApp the image to (718) 946-5026.

(Please include the store name and zipcode so we can match your decal photo to the correct merchant application.)

*Each point has an estimated value of $1-$8.

Program Conditions


Minimum Cap

Overall, the Token Sale must reach the minimum cap of 3 million reserved tokens.


No Limit

There is no pre-set limit on the amount you can earn from our $100 million reserve of 6nPay tokens.



No experience needed with cryptocurrencies! Just a willingness to help us spread the word about 6nPay!


Minimum Points

To receive tokens, you must earn at least the same amount via marketing activities.


You may stop participating at any time without penalty.


Social Media

There is no minimum Friends or Followers required to participate!


Multiple Accounts

Multiple account registrations in a single social network are not permitted and both will be banned.


No Spamming

Spamming 6nPay content to earn extra points will not permitted. Accounts guilty of spamming are subject to removal and forfeiture of points.


Negative Actions

Accounts which post content or take actions which portray 6nPay in a negative light will be subject to immediate removal and forfeiture of points.

*At the conclusion of the token sale, a ratio of points-to-tokens will be calculated. When dividing the total tokens by total of points, no partial tokens will be given. The remaining non-calculated points and tokens will be dissolved.

Partner Levels


Marketing Partner

250 signup points

Marketing Partners are those who choose to assist our marketing efforts by creating awareness about our company and projects via social media and their personal network of friends and colleagues. Marketing partners receive 250 points simply for signing up.



500 signup points
2% bonus on earned points

Ambassadors are elite Marketing Partners. They have some special quality, position, job, social media following, or other notable quality which makes them standout from the crowd. Ambassadors will be featured on our website. Ambassadors receive 500 points simply for signing up and a 2% bonus on all points collected.



1000 signup points
10% bonus on all points earned

Advisors are professionals in industries related to 6nPay’s efforts and will join our advisory team, in addition to participating in the marketing partner program. Advisors automatically receive 1,000 points for signing up. As an advisor, you will automatically received a 10% bonus on your collected points.

Each point has an estimated value of $1-$8.

* Ambassadors and Advisors must be approved by 6nPay.